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Kristine Losh
  • Ewing & Clark Exclusive Listings

    608 39th Ave E

    Seattle, WA

    • 5 Beds
    • 5 Baths
    • 6020 sq ft
    • $12,850,000

    1605 17th Ave

    Seattle, WA

    • 14 Beds
    • 8 Baths
    • 8394 sq ft
    • $3,200,000

    4065 E Sequim Bay Rd, Unit 12

    Sequim, WA

    • 5 Beds
    • 6 Baths
    • 5516 sq ft
    • $2,475,000

    303 Lake Washington Blvd

    Seattle, WA

    • 3 Beds
    • 4 Baths
    • 0 sq ft
    • $3,345,000
  • Community Events

    Hike - Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

    Tenderfoot Adventures

    So, since both the Kendall Katwalk and the Silver Peak trail both have snow on it and the weather is looking iffy then we will want the cover of the forest and a route that allows us to go any distance we choose, up to 12 miles. So it's the...

    Thursday Afternoon: His Word Found Here (BALLARD)

    Coffee Club of Seattle

    We like how this place is a multi-roaster cafe serving both AeroPress and espresso-based drinks. (According to Ann) Best buses are the 40 and 44. The D is also pretty good.

    Fremont Agile Meetup

    Fremont Agile Meetup

    Kanban for Cookies: Disarming Skeptics with Obvious Rewards Kanban for Cookies is a 20-30 minute introduction to Lean agile using the metaphor of preparing dessert for a party. The exercise introduces value streams and using that data to...

  • Recent Posts

    Tis the Season: Top Reasons to Buy During the Holidays

    *Synced from the Seattle and RealE state Blog Although sales are historically down during the last few months of every year, there are certainly some noteworthy perks to the home search during the holiday season. Here are a few reasons a new home should be on your wish list for Santa this year. Did you […]

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    Solar Neighborhood Project Energizes Seattle Neighborhoods

    Many in Seattle question whether it’s worth investing time and money in solar panels given that Seattle isn’t known for its constant sunny days. Keith Hughes, owner of West Seattle Natural Energy, pointed out that, “Berlin, Germany receives 3.2 peak sun hours per day, and 44 percent of Germany’s energy production comes from solar” where […]

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    Possibility of Streetcars Returning to Seattle

    It has been over 70 years since Seattle has had streetcars. Once people began moving out of the city and into suburbs and cars became more popular and convenient, there wasn’t as much of a need for them. The rails were removed and paved streets took their place. But now, as more and more people […]

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